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Group Training Schedule
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Semi-Private Schedule

Private 1 on 1

Private 1 on 1 sessions are available to book for athletes of any age and skill level ranging from 1st Grade to College. 60 minutes of individual training with our professional trainers gives your athlete personalized attention to help develop specific skills catered to their needs

Group Class

Little Dribblers, Elementary Skills Training, and M.S./H.S. Skills Training are group classes that cater to all athletes grades K-12. From just learning the fundamentals of basketball to mastering essential skills such as shooting and dribbling, our group classes are the gateway to unlocking the next level of your athlete's skills

Shooting Group Class

Shooting Form & Mechanics and Shooting Machine Group Class for grades 6 to 12 focus on body mechanics and basketball shooting form to help your athlete shoot at a more consistent rate. With our Dr. Dish Shooting Machine, each athlete will be able to simulate game-like shooting situations with minimal delay


Our Semi-Private programs are built for athletes from Grades 3 to 12 who are looking to improve their skills in a small group setting. Your athlete will be training with up to 3 other students who are looking to achieve the same goals

Dribbling Group Class

Dribbling Group Classes are designed for students from grades 6 through 8 to participate in high intensity dribbling drills focused on explosiveness, change of pace and ball control

VertiMax Training

Elementary, Middle School, and High School Vertimax Training are 45 minute high intensity workouts using the VertiMax system. The VertiMax is a resistance band training that applies less pressure on your athlete’s joints making it safer and more effective compared to conventional strength training

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