"The Factory is where the Serious Athlete meets the Experienced Trainer."

A large number of youth love to play sports and have the desire to play competitively but lack the skills, confidence and knowledge to do so. Many of these young athletes have no idea what it takes to be a good player or how to develop their skills over a period of time. NextLevel Basketball Training & Skills Development is geared towards youth who do not have direct access to personal trainers that can help them improve their basketball skills, knowledge, endurance, health and nutrition. The Next Level Factory is where the athlete meets the trainer to accomplish that one goal of making it to the "Next Level".

                         "Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn't Work Hard" 

Next Level Basketball Training and Skills Development  was founded in 2014 to help individuals of all ages reach their full basketball and overall athletic potential to compete at the next level. Why do athletes continue to train with us even though they could work out on their own or with friends in their backyard or local center? It is because they get great results in a safe and effective environment. All of our trainers have played collegiate basketball at the division 1, 2 and 3 level. Some of our trainers have played professionally and/or coached basketball at the high school and college level. Our staff of trainers are constantly learning and implementing the best programs for each athlete customizing their training experience. This means that every athlete will progress at the speed necessary to develop in certain areas through a progressive training to ensure success on the court.The positive and energetic environment that we provide allows ours participants to feel confident about pursuing their passion of basketball and to develop their skills at their own pace.


Our programs are developed by Next Level Basketball Training coaches to:

  • Increase ball handling skill

  • Increase shooting (form, speed, consistency) 

  • Become more powerful and explosive attacking the basket

  • Run faster with better technique

  • Change direction quicker

  • Improve conditioning, endurance, and stamina


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