Jeff Cannon

 Jeff Lead Roxbury Community College to the National Championship games in 2010. During his basketball career my accomplishments have spread amongst the mass bay in articles such as Boston Heralds "A class act at Roxbury Community College" and the Boston Banner "A Victory Lap".


Having finished my Division 2 basketball career at the University of New Haven, thinking back on my accomplishments, I owe all my growth and development to my basketball coaches. Now through "Next Level" I have the opportunity to mentor and teach players of all ages what it takes to become a great basketball player.


Having trained with professional athletes such as:  Shabazz Napier (Orlando Magic) , Jared Sullinger (Boston Celtics), Reggie Jackson (Detroit Pistons), Will Blalock (Detroit Pistons), Courtney Aldgride (Euro Basketball League), Stevie Hailey (Boston College), Kenneth Jackson (Iona University), Kyle Casey (Harvard University), Raheem Singleton (University of Maine) Anthony Gurley (Wake Forest University), and Deshawn Gibbons (Long Island University) 


My professional experience has taught me a unique basketball curriculum to help take your basketball game to the Next Level.


My training has "ONE" goal of helping each individual athlete develop their skill set to reach their highest potential, while also providing the insurance that the athlete falls in love with process of becoming great. 


Let's take it to the Next Level !!!


Jeff Cannon

"Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesnt Work Hard" 


Athletic Highlights




NJCAA Third-Team Athletic All-American

NJCAA Region XXI First-Team

NJCAA Region XXI Second Team

NJCAA Men's Basketball Player of the Week

NJCAA 5th Points Per Game Nation (24.5ppg)

NJCAA All-Star Game (Las Vegas Nevada) 

Roxbury Community College 1,000pts (2 Years)

Full Scholarship to University of New Haven


High School 


Boston Public School City League CHAMPIONSHIP (1st Team) 

Boston Public School League City All-Star (2008)